Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few quick links

to two articles at The Urbanophile:
  • One, published this weekend, in support of busses--in part because rail costs have been skyrocketing (a phenomenon which is not unique to Portland or Oregon, but does appear unique to the United States). 
  • Another, from a year ago, discussing what is causing the skyrocketing rail costs, and what might be done them.
More grist for the mill.


  1. A blast from the past...

    Hey Scotty, what do you think of this sign?

    Imagine we started putting those up again, with ones for pedestrians and cyclists as well?

  2. Probably wouldn't do any good.

    Of course, today we often find crosses on the roadside in numerous places--but those who are terrible drivers seldom realize this. It's always someone else who needs to change their habits.

  3. Rail costs are escalating in Japan, too. Tokyo Metro is saying it won't build new subway lines, as the cost of a new subway will be $500 million per km, almost as much as a new elevated line in Chicago and a full one third the cost of subway construction in New York.


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