Friday, May 21, 2010

A Major Milestone

Today, dear readers, after a year of existence, and nearly forty articles, the Dead Horse Times reached a major milestone.

Our first spammer.  (Woohoo!)

Hawking auto parts, of all things.

(Don't look; it's already been deleted).

This calls for celebration, and a nice tall glass of beer tonight.


  1. Congrats on the milestone. I understand the difficulty in blogging with any regularity when you're a parent, and I appreciate the chance to read your views (both here and in comments on other blogs).

  2. Scotty i think I hurt something laughing at that picture.

  3. That sign... doesn't appear to work. The part of Hong Kong in the picture (not my picture, BTW), Tsim Sha Tsui, is generally full of tourists--and of people flogging things such as suits and counterfeit watches.

    One interesting thing about many US cultural norms, though--especially in upper-class white communities--is an aversion to public sales pitches. It's very common in Hong Kong for shopkeepers to stand outside their shops (many of which are tiny, less then 10 square meters) and loudly trumpet their wares to passers-by like a carnival barker. Every other block when you walk down the street, someone is trying to hand you literature--all of it commercial in nature, not political. And as a gwailo, I was not spared--the vast majority of residents of the place are bilingual to some extent, even in the places which are not frequented by tourists.


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